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Guest post: ‘Delivering’ God’s love in a pizza box

This week we’re sharing a project from Rev. Stephanie Richmond and the communities of Greenbank UC and Seagrave UC in Port Perry (north east of TO). I invited Stephanie to share her community’s project with us because I hadn’t before heard of Sunday School being done in quite this way! Many communities have been trying to figure out safe ways to do family ministry (camp-in-a-box, take-home VBSes, Advent-at-home) but there’s just something about serving up a slice of Sunday School that appeals!

Kids in the pews

What do we do with our kids when we return to in-person worship? This has been the question so many of us have been asking. For so many of our communities a return to in-person worship doesn’t mean worship as it was before. Even if restrictions loosen up in our communities we want to be cautious as we plan how we worship together. With vaccinations levels rising, but no vaccine for those under 12 just yet, and concerning variants found across Canada, we want to be safe. That said, I find myself more and more attracted to something I was resistant to before! The church Busy Bag.