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Other Resources & Links

Here is a collection of other sites and places where we find good ideas, which you can visit for more information! If you know of something awesome, which we should add, give us a shout!

Other stuff we’ve made:

Tori’s Blog

Children’s Church at Home

Awesome stuff other people are making:

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Ukulele Church

Love ukulele and church? Why not combine the two!? This fun online community is perfect for those just learning to play and those who’re old hands.

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Art Spark

Created by Jen and Rhonda in the UCC East, Art Spark is a weekly resource designed to help us connect to our faith, create something new and capture God’s presence through art.

First Third Ministry Resources

Find great resources and ministry ideas at the Pacific Mountain Region’s ministry page, including printable activities for families and congregations.

Find colouring pages, devotionals and activities for all ages. Includes great printable resources for families and congregations! We’ve especially appreciated their programming for virtual VBS and Christmas/Easter pageants!

Looking for more great resources from the United Church? The Go Project offers curriculums for children and youth that follows the church calendar, as well as for confirmation.

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Looking for some great children’s books for your family or church? Look no further! Jessica’s Storybook Ministry offers books suggestions to go with every lectionary reading!

The Tiny Truths bible series offers accompanying worksheets for free! Looking for a printable for Sunday? They cover all the major biblical stories as well as some of the Proverbs and Psalms!

To be used with a grain of salt. This website includes lots of free high quality printable crafts for biblical stories.

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