Easter/Holy Week

Easter brings New Life!

Easter is almost here and so many of our faith communities and families are wondering what activities we can participate in to celebrate its Holy Mystery.

We believe in God:

    who has created and is creating,

    who has come in Jesus,

       the Word made flesh,

       to reconcile and make new,

    who works in us and others

       by the Spirit.

A New Creed (1968)


Telling the story

When we tell the story in church we sometimes take for granted how powerful seeing the story play out can be. Last year Selina used simple stones, wood crosses and clothes pegs to show the story during Holy Week. And, guess what? It was the most commented on part of worship that year!

Consider incorporating a Godly Play or drama rendition of the story for an all-ages worship.

Or use a children’s picture book, like Russell Usbourne’s “Easter Story”. (It is a “sensitive” retelling of the easter story, faithful to the biblical txts but without the gore!)

Holy Week

Check-out this list of items and descriptions/question you can use to explore the Holy Week story with families. Selina is incorporating these objects into worship, but you could make a video talking about each one, or a printable sheet for families to use at home.

Here’s Shanna’s version. She provided her folks with miniature versions of each object so they can experience the story too, with a butterfly added for resurrection. We especially love the hand sanitizer for Maundy Thursday and the pipe cleaner crown for Good Friday!

Our friend Catherine has put together a downloadable Holy Week Passport for families and churches to use.

Check it out on the UCC East website.


Why not mark the week using a calendar like the one above. You can DIY your own with a piece of wood and paint, or a cheaper alternative using paint chips from your local hardware store!

Looking for prayers to use at home, or to share with families in your community? Selina wrote some prayers for Holy Week that touch on themes from each special day’s scripture reading.

Photo from Catherine Stuart.

A classic Sunday School craft for Easter is making beaded crosses. And, who doesn’t have an old stash of string and beads lying around!?

Our friend Catherine has made some instructions for a beaded cross necklace with photo instructions. Check it out on the UCC East site.


Here are some ways you can explore the theme of resurrection at home or with your faith community.

Check-out how the middle part of the egg takes on less colour, giving it a funky dye job!

Selina dyed wooden eggs using a mixture of 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar and food colouring!

Let eggs soak for at least 20 minutes. Add more food colouring for a stronger colour, but know they will likely end up with a pastel-like hue.

Looking for a fun activity for Easter in the kitchen? Check-out this Resurrection Roll recipe put together by friends at UCC East.

They’re the perfect afternoon snack on a lazy Holy Saturday!

Looking for a way to connect the Easter story with nature? Enjoy this bilingual early spring scavenger hunt from Shanna.

Art by Abby

Selina’s toddler loves to paint, but what to do with the plethora of pictures she produces? Well, Selina has been saving them up and cutting out eggs of different sizes. Using a hole punch she ran a string through the top (you could also use yarn or ribbon) to create a cute egg garland to decorate the house at Easter!

You can also pre-cut the eggs and decorate as you wish! Why not alternate between eggs and flowers for a festive spring feel.

Photo by Shanna.

Shanna used dyed egg shells from last Easter, broken in half and filled with earth as perfect spot to start some sprouts!

What would you plant?


Some families have mixed feelings about celebrating some of the more “secular” aspects of Easter. Worried about missing out on the fun but want to uphold the religious origins of Easter? Focus on rabbits and eggs as signs of new life. These symbols help us to remember the abundant life Jesus came to tell us about with his Good News!

Building Easter

A favourite activity of many kids (and let’s be honest, adults) is creating with building blocks. Selina has really discovered her love of this activity by playing along with her toddler!

Using your preferred building blocks, why not try to build the empty tomb? Do you have any figures that could be Mary and the women who visit the empty tomb Easter morning?

You could build some symbols of resurrection like chicks, eggs, rabbits or butterflies!

This is a great activity for both at-home and church.

For the really ambitious among you LEGO offers building free instructions for Easter chicks and rabbits. Or, you can purchase themed Easter kits for youth/adults.

Selina used Duplo to make some festive Easter eggs.

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