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Believe it or not, she said: It was AWESOME!

Tori reflects on recent feedback from two children in her congregation, and talks about the purpose of church. Worship services are a chance to explore our faith in community, as church-workers our goal should be to show our congregants, especially children, that they are valued in that space.

Guest post: A reopened church’s activity bag

This week we have a guest post from Nancy Windis, a member of Mt. Brydges United Church in Ontario. She shares about the activity bags her community of faith put together with care and intention to welcome children back to the church when they reopened this past year.

Engaging children & youth in the Election

But when it comes to children and youth we have a tendency to leave them out until the last minute, turning around and expecting their full engagement once they reach the magical age of 18. What if faith communities talked with their children and youth about political engagement? Here ideas of conversations and activities we can do at home or at church to get children and youth involved in the up-coming election.