Guest post: ‘Delivering’ God’s love in a pizza box

This week we’re sharing a project from Rev. Stephanie Richmond and the communities of Greenbank UC and Seagrave UC in Port Perry (north east of TO). I invited Stephanie to share her community’s project with us because I hadn’t before heard of Sunday School being done in quite this way! Many communities have been trying to figure out safe ways to do family ministry (camp-in-a-box, take-home VBSes, Advent-at-home) but there’s just something about serving up a slice of Sunday School that appeals!

Engaging children & youth in the Election

But when it comes to children and youth we have a tendency to leave them out until the last minute, turning around and expecting their full engagement once they reach the magical age of 18. What if faith communities talked with their children and youth about political engagement? Here ideas of conversations and activities we can do at home or at church to get children and youth involved in the up-coming election.

Guest Post: A one-day light-filled VBS on PEI

This week we’re sharing a project from Rev. Barbara J. CairnsĀ and the folks at Bedeque United Church on PEI! They recently hosted a one-day Vacation Bible School for their kids and shared the experience with us.

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