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An All-Ages Advent Devotional for the Narrative Lectionary

Let me just say, friends, that I am especially proud of this one. Huge shout-out to beta readers and friends who helped me finish this baby before the end of October!

This devotional is meant to be shared in churches, with families, or by individuals. It invites folks to explore the readings for each week of Year 4 of the Narrative Lectionary and focuses on meditative and tangible activities we can do to prepare our hearts for the Christ child’s arrival! It includes the four weeks of Advent and Christmas. It can be printed as a booklet, provided digitally, or printed off one page at a time.

All-Ages Advent Devotional

Check-out the booklet version (11×8.5″) you can print and share with your families. Get the file!

(Don’t forget to print in landscape-mode, double-sided using short-edge binding).

Check-out the 8.5×11″ PDF you can share with families digitally. They can print pages as they choose. Get the file!


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