Narrative Lectionary: October companion booklet

As I mentioned last month, my church has begun their journey with the Narrative Lectionary this September. Perhaps you’re using the companion booklet I created for our families, or have just heard about it from a colleague. In any case, whether you’re new to JG&G or back for more free content, I wanted to share the October edition of our worship resource.

We’re continuing to explore biblical stories in NL Year 4. Stay tuned for the November booklet since we’ve got content all the way up to the week before Advent!

October Worship Companion Booklet

Check-out the booklet version (11×8.5″) you can print and share with your families. Get the file!

(Don’t forget to print in landscape-mode, double-sided using short-edge binding).

Check-out the 8.5×11″ PDF you can share with families digitally. They can print pages as they choose. Get the file!

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