The Spark of Life!

Normally, we try very hard to to put fires out, but Pentecost is the time we look at different images of fire and wonder what they can tell us about the Spirit!

To you, is the Spirit a bonfire around which community gathers, a lantern to light your path, a candle to warm your evening, or a forest fire making way for new growth?

In Acts we hear how the followers of Jesus were able to be understood in many different languages. Why not explore what some of your favourite words are in different languages? (Check out the European Word Translator to see a simultaneous translations.) You could even try making a word collage!

For a church service share greetings and scripture readings in the many languages represented by your community!

Book Suggestion

If you haven’t yet discovered the Spark Story Bible it is a wonderful resource with child-friendly paraphrases of biblical stories. Their retelling of Acts 2:1-21 is a great way to explore Pentecost with folks of all-ages.

Make a fire-y paper spirit spinner and watch your design come to life! All you need is paper, a piece of cardboard, scissors, string and some markers!

Does the spinning disk remind you of the whirlwind from the Acts reading? How does your design change as it spins?

Check-out this easy tutorial video here.

Does Jesus want us to have a bonfire?

Looking for a fun and safe Pentecost activity? If your local governance allows, why not have a celebratory bonfire? You can talk about what it might have looked like when the tongues of flames licked the heads of Jesus’ followers while roasting marshmallows!

If you have a big stash of building blocks why not separate out the liturgical colours for that season and invite everyone to be creative and design something Pentecost-themed?

You could build a fire, or the room the followers were huddled in when the Spirit descended!

Nothing says “winds of the Spirit” like some homemade wind chimes!

You can purchase supplies to make your own, or recycle old mason jar lids, keys, bottle caps and buttons for a creation-friendly design.

Check out this tutorial for a bamboo wind chime or this one that uses mini terra cotta pots.

Photo from PMR’s website.

These FREE printables from Faith@Home (from Pacific Mountain Region’s First Third Ministry) are awesome! There’s family activity suggestions, a copy of the Acts 2:1-15 story, birth cake recipes and tons more! We’re especially big fans of their play-dough prayers mats.

Selina coloured this little Pentecost tongues -of-fire for her bulletin board!

Why not try some fire-y colouring on black paper, instead of white! It’s a little change but can bring a fun perspective to playing with dark and light. Using yellows, red, oranges, blues and whites make your flames pop! Add your cut-out flame to a paper headband for a fun Pentecost headpiece.

Enjoy origami and papercrafts? Try these kirigami paper spirals. They have a definite flame look to them.

You can make them with red, orange and yellow OR try some double-sided multicoloured origami paper for a wild look!

Check-out this video tutorial.

Photo by M Sidharda on

Seven Signs of the Spirit – a reflective story

Check-out this visual storytelling script for all-ages from the Bible Reading Fellowship, it focuses on seven visuals from scripture to explore the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost Art

Here’s some of our favourite images available for use in worship.


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